HYSTERIA is DEF LEPPARD'S fourth studio album and was released on August 3, 1987 through Mercury Records.  The album charted at #1 on Billboard Top 200 chart in the U.S. and  #1 on the U.K. Album Chart and has sold over 20 million copies worldwide, and spawned seven hit singles.



Performed By

Additional Information

Additional Musicians: Philip Nicholas (Fairlight programming)
Producer: Robert John "Mutt" Lange
Recording Location: Wisseloord Studios (Hilversum, Netherlands), Windmill Lane Studio (Dublin, Ireland), Studio Des Dames (Paris, France)


VeronicaLeppard 06/17/11 2011 07:32:21 AM

with this album, I started my love of Def Leppard is the first song I heard that Pour Some Sugar on Me then forever I love them=)

cupcakesosweet13 06/20/11 2011 01:37:36 PM

i think of you mr.collin as not only a guitar god but a mentor thats helped me in my many issuses just playin a song with you in it makes me so happy. :) i thank you. by the way im only a 13 year old girl that knows so much about you guys, i love you guys soo much. :) if you read this send back a reply.

Desireec Cotto
Manchester,CT 06040

p.s. u guys are all fantastic players :) i hope that god blesses you all in the future but, he already has! he gave you all each a special talent of making and froming this tremendously great band. :)

Kelly Boran 07/06/11 2011 06:40:03 PM

Love the new site layout!! I know I'm a little delayed in checking things out but that's me, pokey.

EMD 07/24/11 2011 03:35:06 PM

Hysteria is an amazing album, with some truly cracking songs! I love the cover- which is why I chose it for my profile picture, and I painted it once onto a canvas. It was so fiddly but looks good.

Rock0n85 08/31/11 2011 06:31:21 PM

The best album by far! Keep rockin guys!

coorad 01/29/12 2012 11:16:23 PM

quite simply the best album ever , have worn out 3 tapes and 2 cd's but still I can't get enough

DaLep Fan 03/10/12 2012 06:30:20 PM

Best album ever!

My first album from Da Leps, yet in vinil...
Still plays today!!!!

DanielOGuinness 04/18/12 2012 08:25:42 AM

I'm taking this one with me to the next world. They better have a cd player.

Riot Run 04/30/12 2012 07:22:53 PM

New poster here, but Def Leppard fan since 1983. At 41 yrs old, I ran my first (and maybe only) marathon yesterday. A few weeks ago I decided to put together a playlist on my iPod that was long enough for the run. It wasn't hard to decide what to use. Def Leppard has been part of almost every major event in my life from my graduation ceremonies (high school, college, police academy), to my wedding, to "Hysteria" being the first song my son ever sang along to. So this playlist had to be all Def Leppard. I picked out 50 of my favorites and rocked, sang along, and fist-pumped for 26.2 miles.

I did start it off with a non-Leppard tune. AC/DC "For Those About to Rock, We Salute You". But there is a Leppard connection. That was the song DL used to kick off their show here in Vegas last Sept. So it's like a teaser song that gets me amped to hear Leppard now. I want to say "thank you" to the greatest rock band of all time for being part of so many milestones in my life.

Charmed03 06/12/12 2012 03:46:27 PM

I just bought my tickets for the Aug. 17th concert at Darian Lake. I am in Row 1, Section 202. This will be my 4th time seeing them starting back in 87' for the Hysteria tour. I am the biggest Def Leppard fan. I have every CD, listen to them almost every day and have them as my ringtone and ringback on my phone! I would die for the chance to meet them in person one day. My friend Christine is a DJ for an internet radio show (AMPZ Adult) and I request Def Leppard everytime she works. I think Hysteria is the GREATEST song EVER written! Def Leppard has really gotten me thru a lot of things in my life. Just listening to them makes me feel much better. My neighbors must hate me because I listen to them every Saturday while I clean my house.

Joe, if you see this message, I will be in Row 1, Section 202 on Aug. 17th. You have no idea how much I love your music and hope one day I can meet you in person just to tell you how much I really appreciate your band!!!

Thank you for the Great music, Awesome video's and always being so true to your band!
Your Greatest Fan, Jeffrey!!!!

Hysterika 07/18/12 2012 12:15:33 AM

Hysteria has to be my favorite-like the poster above says, I'm taking this one with me!!!

LydiaLeppard 07/25/12 2012 02:54:32 AM

Hi!, Def Leppard is definitely a great band!, I'm FAN!, Hysteria The album is GREAT! the best, not lying when I say I listen to a 5 times a day and on my phone I have all the complete discography def leppard, and now here I would like to ask a favor ... July 25th that morning, the boys send me a congratulations for my birthday please

oldmilw 08/02/12 2012 07:29:40 PM

The Best Album Ever Made.. All 12 Tracks should be hits, this album should be there greatest hits....... I Love It.................

Erika Nagel 08/08/12 2012 12:24:23 PM

Hysteria, hands down, the single best album ever created. EVER. Nothing I love more than cranking this one up on a Friday night!

DefLeppardRocks 08/27/12 2012 04:34:06 PM

Great album <3

steveclarkfan1990 11/10/12 2012 08:46:14 PM

Ive got the cd and it rules

Joseph Lambert Kendrick II 11/22/12 2012 05:40:13 AM

I need this and the deluxe version

megamuzic 07/21/13 2013 05:58:17 AM

I just love singing this song!
Karaoke In Style Of Def Leppard - Too Late For Love

John Sposato 10/01/13 2013 03:24:45 PM

I bought the CD in Canada less than a year ago. It's on Mercury but originally came out there on sister label Vertigo which I have on LP. Almost everywhere else it was on vanity label Bludgeon Riffola through Phonogram. A monumental album after what poor Rick went through.