Pour Some Sugar On Me (2012)

Pour Some Sugar On Me (2012)

The newly recorded versions of "Pour Some Sugar On Me" (2012) was released worldwide on 5 June 2012 by Bludgeon Riffola/Mailboat Records in the digital only format.  The iTunes version includes a special single bundle with the original video of "Pour Some Sugar On Me!"



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Recording Location: Dublin, Los Angeles, CA


Crippled Plaything 07/31/12 2012 03:31:19 AM

love both songs !!! you rocked !! ^^

Sandman 08/06/12 2012 02:19:32 PM

To Be Honest, I can't really hear the difference. Its not good... It's Fantastic!!!

Ryan Walker 08/12/12 2012 03:11:54 AM

The band should make a large compilation album in which they re-record all the old songs from all the albums up until Adrenalize. That would be one hell of a buy. Not a bad venture, but of course I'm probably one of the biggest Def Leppard nuts out there so others might think different.

forthoseabouttorock 09/08/12 2012 09:35:57 PM

Hi Folks

Lads lets get In The Round out on Blue Ray Disc, it would be a Top Seller and long over due!!!. Forever Leppard

forthoseabouttorock 09/08/12 2012 09:39:04 PM

IN the round on blue ray disc lads! it would be one of the best ever!

j m stewart 10/02/12 2012 08:14:34 PM

Pour some sugar 2012 is the best version yet . Thanks guys :-) .
Next tour come to Glasgow .

j m stewart 10/02/12 2012 08:21:31 PM

Hysteria 7 video collection is great guys . Thank for releasing them
Tour Glasgow next tour :-)

intothevoid 10/24/12 2012 01:00:51 PM

Both new versions are EXCELLENT but to do a re-recording of all of the songs......well.......u cant beat the originals.

Dolores Vargas 11/09/12 2012 09:00:09 PM

I love their music, I have their latest album, never get tired of their music.