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Cynthia Moore Locke commented on a Photo 07/05/14 2014 09:25:22 PM

Viv looks wonderful, I wish the best for him throughout the tour and after with his health!

Michelle Scott commented on a Photo 07/05/14 2014 08:52:02 PM

Nice one Joe bet that feals amazing

Kthet420 commented on a Photo 07/04/14 2014 08:06:34 PM

I was at this concert, you guys flat out rocked, I've always loved your music, this was my first chance to see you perform live...Loved it, I wish you guys had been the headliner, but I understand, Kiss's 40th anniversary and all that shit, they did great too, I love the fact that Joe Elliot before he left the stage that night proclaimed that this isn't it,that they will be back! When they do come back I will go too see them again.

en4sir371 commented on a Photo 07/04/14 2014 04:53:31 AM

So incredible to see Viv looking so healthy---you are awesome, Viv!

Hysteria2014 commented on a Photo 07/04/14 2014 02:38:10 AM

Wow! That is such a gorgeous shot of Joe. Thank you, Mrs.Collen for the beautiful pictures and I look forward to more.

Claudia Coronel commented on a News 07/04/14 2014 01:31:38 AM

OMG!!!! I'm so f&%$!! excited!! Love you so much!! Can't wait!!!

Shotgunslug commented on a News 06/30/14 2014 05:00:52 AM

When you guys came to Denver you were awesome Phil threw a pic right to me and my wife we were front row almost center you guys showed us lots of love and played your asses off for us AWESOME cant say the same for kiss we want to see you guys again much love and respect Branden Crockett

Kellie Trentham commented on a News 06/27/14 2014 03:53:27 PM

AWESOME!!!!!! There isn't enough words to express the joy that all you guys are doing to help others! God bless love, Kellie