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Iverly Iv commented on a News 03/14/15 2015 03:37:49 PM

As always, such a pleasure to hear "the voice". I agree about the rock and roll hall of fame, it's completely unnecessary to be a part of that. Their integrity and honor is way above an induction. Def Leppard's accomplishments supersede any qualifications the hall of fame has. It would be beneath Def Leppard to step into that cliche. They can only stand alone in their greatness! IV

Hildy Krish commented on a Tour 03/13/15 2015 12:51:40 AM

would be awesome if they would come to Pittsburgh PA1!

Karen Chaffin commented on a Photo 03/10/15 2015 08:34:15 PM

He has it all!

susan1977 commented on a Album 03/10/15 2015 02:56:12 PM

I really love the songs Long Long Way To Go, Torn To Shreds and Love Dont Lie.

susan1977 commented on a Video 03/10/15 2015 02:52:16 PM

Love this video!

DaveParkerIndy commented on a News 03/09/15 2015 08:28:13 PM

This brings back a lot of memories! I see a lot of other memorabilia here too. Almost like being there again :)

TarciaB commented on a Tour 03/08/15 2015 06:44:37 PM

Going to Birmingham show, VIP Meet & Greet. I've never seen them live and can't wait!!!

Sharon Pendergrass commented on a Photo 03/08/15 2015 03:57:23 AM

Ok are gonna make me sin big time.