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Kellie Trentham commented on a Photo 03/26/14 2014 11:18:23 AM

Thank you for putting all these pictures on here. It must have been such a wonderful day for everyone that was there. Especially all the wonderful people that risk their on lives everyday for all of us. To all you guys of Def Leppard / Kiss you guys have done such an amazing thing by going to do this tour together and for doing all that you doing for the military. God Bless!

Kellie Trentham commented on a Video 03/25/14 2014 11:04:21 PM

Wow!! Love this video! Everytime that I see this it brings back alot of wonderful memories of how awesome it was to see def leppard in the round. Like Joe has said in the past that it's like having 4 front seat rows! He was so right about that! Loved every single minute of it! Awesome!

Theodora Karanikou commented on a Video 03/25/14 2014 05:58:04 PM

All that is missing is a pub Down 'N Outz!
With England's food. Great video love your voice, as always you look great.


Kellie Trentham commented on a Video 03/25/14 2014 02:41:03 AM

I love everything the guys has ever came out with! But I do have to say this is my favorite song!

Kellie Trentham commented on a News 03/25/14 2014 01:11:20 AM

I'm sorry I know you are tried of seeing my name always showing up on the comments. I just have to make you guys see that you do have fans that really care and really do love what you do for all of us. I just got to see this the other day and it was really wonderful! Not only i'm a fan of you guys but I too wasn't in the military like Rick. Back in 97 I too was in a major car wreck. I was in a coma for 6 1/2 weeks and I can see how all that you guys are doing will help so many people. Thank you! You'll have always had a special place in heart. I also want you'll to know you are to me and will be a true blessing to alot of people, Thank you again, Kellie

Cindy Witcraft commented on a News 03/24/14 2014 01:03:07 AM

I got my concert tickets for June 27th, can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kellie Trentham commented on a News 03/23/14 2014 04:22:57 PM

Joe, I want to thank you so very much for all that you do for us fans! Thank you for putting all of this wonderful stuff on here. Because to tell the truth it's the only way I can see or hear about whatt's going on with all you guys. Joe, thanks again for all that you do! You are so awesome!

Terrie Mapes commented on a News 03/23/14 2014 03:24:31 PM

Daughter and I have been 5* VIP for 8 years.....the 'pre-Helen' days! NOTHING CAN COMPARE! Her dream was to meet is our chance!! But it won't show me the price or the link to buy....HHHEEEELLLLP! This is too important to miss out on....perhaps tickets not on sale yet for our venue 8/9/14 in PA? Maybe no meet/greet available for this show?? MUST HAVE!!!