A Behind The Scenes Look - Phil's Guitar Rig

Aug 15 2012 - 16:15

Meet Phil Collen's guitar tech, Scott, and Phil's collection of guitars in this recently edited video from last summer's Mirror Ball Tour.  Get an inside look of what goes into achieving Phil's sound each night on tour & see a special demo from Phil, himself.



passionfeast 08/15/12 2012 06:46:33 PM

how cool... now I know what is on that green guitar "Dreads". Very interesting info; thanks!

pjames6 08/16/12 2012 03:20:05 PM

now i'm not technically minded in any way whatsoever, but i loved this video. i found it really interesting listening to all the guitar talk etc. the behind the scenes videos are some of the best, personally speaking, and this one certainly delivers. can't wait to see more x

-1deflepfan- 08/22/12 2012 05:01:08 PM

absolutely luv n the tech talk..finally behind the scenes don't kno much about the tech stuff but awesome info