Remembering Steve Clark

01/08/2013 - 12:36

Today marks the 22nd year since Steve's passing on 8 January, 1991. Always thinking of you Steve. Play some classic DL extra loud today in his memory.


dflpfn83 01/08/13 2013 02:26:25 PM

I just wish you were still with us Steve. You left us
so young. I'm sure you're still playing your guitar.
Def Leppard, your family, friends & fans will never
ever forget you. Forever a Def Leppard fan, Christine - NYS

TidalWave23book 01/08/13 2013 04:55:50 PM

Steve was the reason I picked up the guitar, I still remember the first time I heard Switch 625, no words can describe how cool he was. RIP Steve, you are missed.

Jan Shepherd 01/08/13 2013 05:25:30 PM

Keep rockin Clarkie. Gone but not forgotten. RIP Steamin <3 xx

Hysterical Tommy 01/08/13 2013 07:59:19 PM

I've just watched Live in the round... man he was a good guitar player.
It brings back a lot of memories!

R.I.P. Steve

Hysterical Tommy 01/08/13 2013 08:00:06 PM

I've just watched Live in the round... man he was a good guitar player.
It brings back a lot of memories!

R.I.P. Steve

Tami Stockton 01/08/13 2013 10:06:14 PM

We Miss You Steve!!! R.I.P.

Leapyear64 01/08/13 2013 10:20:42 PM

The music world lost one of its great guitar players but he will always be remembered. Miss you Steve.


cindybbrat 01/09/13 2013 12:09:39 AM

You left us way too soon :( You did leave us with a wonderful gift though.....your music. The shows just aren't the same without you running across the stage. You are missed and will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace our leppard in the sky.

michell alvarado 01/09/13 2013 01:15:04 AM

Steve Clark was unique, never forget, we love him and will always be in us .... from Peru for everyone

Angela Mayfield 01/09/13 2013 01:55:29 AM

I will nee forget the first time i heard or saw you play... truly the greatest ever!! SWITCH always gives me the chills!!!! We will never forget you luv! RIP STEVE!!!

Hugo Rdz B 01/09/13 2013 02:10:30 AM

Desde Mty,NL,Mex con las bocinas a todo volumen recordando al gran sr Steve. De tal forma portaba eso que se necesita para sentir en las venas el rock que lo transmitia en cada gesto,cada movimiento,en cada poderoso rif.Hace tres años cuando mi sobrino contaba con cinco,paso por la sala y me preguto que pelicula pondria en el dvd, lo que pasaria a continuacion seria lo mas lindo que recordare cada que escuche a esta gran banda.Al momento de caer las cortinas empezando a sonar Stagefright y ver a Steve mi sobrino abrio las puertas del rock para ya no salir nunca mas.Cada movimiento,cada gesto durante todo el concierto el lo imitaba,lo sentia. Ahora el tiene su guitarra,y lo mas valioso tiene a su heroe...Steve Clark. Por siempre en la mente y corazones de todos estara

Hugo Rdz B 01/09/13 2013 02:27:49 AM

Desde Mty,MEX con las bocinas a todo volumen recordando al sr Steve Clark. De tal forma portaba en la sangre eso que se necesita para realmente amar el rock,tanto que lo trasmitia en cada gesto y movimiento en el escenario. A la edad de cinco años mi sobrino vio por primera vez a Steve en el dvd In the round in your face, y a partir de ahi y hasta el dia de hoy que ya cuenta con ocho años,le sigue imitando a lo largo del concierto cada vez. Que viva Steve!que viva su recuerdo en nuestros corazones!porque cada uno de nosotros tarde o temprano lo alcanzara y podremos por fin estrecharle la mano.

ILuvtheLep 01/09/13 2013 03:41:22 AM

I loved Steve! I miss him! My favorite concert ever is In The Round. I wish they'd do that all over again! AMAZING! Steve, you are missed by so many! I will never forget the day I saw you outside before the show. I wish I knew that was the last time I would ever see you. I would have ran up to you and gave you a really big hug. ♥

WildChild21 01/09/13 2013 07:02:09 AM

RIP Steve - you will never be forgotten. I remember I was at work at British Telecom in the UK and went into work in tears because of the news. I can't believe 22 years have passed since then. Armageddon It will never be the same, so "Come on Steve", Keep on rockin' it in Heaven xx

DefFan13 01/20/13 2013 05:41:34 PM

Steve was amazing I wish he was still here he will forever be in our hearts forever!!!:) I love and miss you steve

runriot1987 01/24/13 2013 02:38:50 AM

Miss you Steve. You gave something to Def Leppard that no one else could possibly match. Love you now and always will! Keep rockin'!

runriot1987 01/27/13 2013 11:06:33 PM

Steve was just so awesome.. he added something to the songs that I don't think anyone else could. He was just amazing. I miss you Steve.. keep on rockin' up there!