Get to Know Andie Airfix!

Mar 25 2013 - 22:10

Andie Airfix, the graphic designer behind the "Pyromania" and "Hysteria" album covers, is launching a "Def Leppard Weekend" at the Airfix Lounge



In Andie's celebration of the band's history, there will be: 

    •    An exhibition from May 6-25 comprised of original artworks created for the band
    •    2 talks on May 10 & May 11, exclusively Def Leppard related
    •    "Def Leppard - 'Breaking the Rock 'n' Rules" - a daunting brief for 'Pyromania', searching for diamonds in Dublin, 4 years of creating the 'Hysteria' sleeve, stadium rock comes of age, why the original idea for 'Hysteria' changed after 3 years of work, a celebration of vinyl, 'Pyromania' & 9/11, introducing computer graphics, Q&A, and much more!


For more details on Andie CLICK HERE

Tickets are now available! BUY NOW HERE


passionfeast 03/27/13 2013 06:27:37 AM

This sounds wonderful... thanks so much for the info!