Joe Performs w/ Jon Bon Jovi (Las Vegas)

Mar 26 2013 - 20:29

Last night Jon Bon Jovi played the 2nd of two solo shows in Las Vegas.  Joe went to see the 1st show (sharing a box with Vince Neil!)…. Hung out with Jon before & after the gig and the inevitable came up .... so the next night Joe and Jon tore up the "Joe Cocker version" of the Beatles classic "With A Little Help From My Friends".  Check the photos HERE


passionfeast 03/27/13 2013 06:24:29 AM

What a pair! Thanks for the photos... look forward to a video of this performance

pjames6 03/27/13 2013 09:09:56 AM

Oh my God joe elliott AND Jon bon jovi on the same stage!!! My two favourite men of rock. what I'd have given to have been there. Would love to hear them singing with a little help from my friends. Oh well I can dream x

metterta 03/29/13 2013 05:41:19 AM

Such handsome talented men on stage what a sight would have loved to have heard and seen two of the people that make up my basic life force and that inspire me in everything i do what a wonderful thought. Hope it was a fun performance for Joe and jon

runriot1987 03/29/13 2013 05:41:52 PM

I agree with you completely pjames6. I love both of them. :D