Rick Allen's Fine Art Featured on Fox 5 (Las Vegas)

Mar 28 2013 - 17:34

Rick Allen's fine art is currently on display at Martin Lawrence Galleries at the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. Check out a feature from local Fox 5 news speaking with Rick on his art below! 


metterta 03/29/13 2013 05:22:52 AM

Rick's new conception in abstract art isn't just pretty and visually pleasing to look at but its an insight for the emotion that he experiences whenever he is inveloped in his love playing music and for music in general, his devotion for his passions, and his hopes for the future he will come to see and for others futures to come. I feel that he wants to bring the sarrow that we all experience during our everyday lives and some of the scarring saddness that many people are blessed to not experiance forth and shower it in the glorious light (found on the bottom of Pandora's forbidden box) ......... HOPE! He wants to get the message that people in general must find the will to hope and believe that they can persevere with the strengh and power they have developed through their experiences and still flourish in greatness. Many of his pieces I feel utterly inspired by and I have never favored only but a select few of abstract pieces but I positively adore his pieces of magnificence perfected I could never pick a favorite because they are all my favorite and I found Devine Mother far different then the others it stood out as did Journey, Warrior Heart, Wild Horse Spirit, and especially The raven all are of such elegance and grace. His work shows such powerful contrast in the pigments, colors, perception, and the layering shadows with mear computer graphics, a little light, splashes of stong visual colors, and a little filtration and sharpened picture contrast he created such poetic subjects even more beautiful and touching then a great deal of art, music, and poetry. The subjects and names he chose for his works have such lovely meanings. I perceive them so very valiantly, passionately, and heartbreaking all at once. I have great respect for his strength of the mind, body, and soul; to have such power to persevere through the thick and thin with the continuation of his outreach for his passions, hobbies, insight of the the great meanings behind life events and what can be interpreted from it all, opinions, and truely valiant acts. As a fellow artist of the visual arts he has an even higher respect from me with the strong respect i had and will continue to have of him from me. Congratulations Rick!I hope to fallow in such greatness. YOU Are My HERO Forever Rick!

Joey - She Remains Undefeated 04/03/13 2013 11:16:57 PM

WOW! I appreciate art in all of it's forms but this is GLORIOUS! I have never seen anything like this. Like all the DL songs, I don't think I could pick a favorite from your collection......Rick, you ROCK in so many ways! Much love and respect :)