Andie Airfix's Leppard Lounge

04/17/2013 - 18:02

Recently we introduced you to Andie Airfix, the graphic designer behind some of Def Leppard's most iconic artwork, and in May, Andie will be exhibiting the art and telling the stories behind it at this year's Brighton Fringe!


Book your tickets now for "Leppard Weekend," which will include: 

A daunting brief for ‘Pyromania’ • Searching for diamonds in Dublin • 4 years (!) creating the ‘Hysteria’ sleeve • Stadium Rock comes of age • Why did the original idea for ‘Hysteria’ have to change after 3 years work? • ‘Pyromania & 9/11 • Introducing computer graphics • MORE • Q&A’s



Listen to Andie tell the story behind the PYROMANIA cover in the YouTube clip below