Joe Elliott's Planet Rock Radio Show – Changes & This Week's Show!

Apr 25 2013 - 14:50

Planet Rock was recently bought by Bauer Media and through that deal, Planet Rock's music broadcast license has been changed to the U.K. only. Until Bauer Media obtains royalty agreements with other countries, Planet Rock can only be broadcast to the U.K.


What does this mean?  Now only residents that are based in the U.K. can stream and listen on-demand, BUT if you are listening from outside the U.K. there's a website called which allows anyone to "stream" the show "live" HERE


This week's show will be a two-hour special tribute to Mick Ronson (whom was David Bowie’s righthand man in the early 1970’s and went on to work with Roger Daltrey, John Mellencamp, Ian Hunter, and Bob Dylan), who passed away 20 years ago Monday, 29 April. The special will feature music and stories by and about the late, great Mick Ronson - be sure to tune in! 


For those in the U.K. tune into Joe's weekly radio show on on Saturdays at 6pm (GMT).  For those listening outside the U.K. listen live from this site HERE


Theresa 04/27/13 2013 02:36:21 PM

Thank you very much for the information and site link !! It works great :)


Hotchick 05/11/13 2013 04:03:32 PM

Hello Joe...New here, always loved your music. I'm 43 and still going strong with what's up with your group. I've always been intrigued that you have come from Ireland. My family is also from there. I hope you are having a wonderful day!! Just wanted to say "hi";) and say I hope all is well with you. I'm happy to see that your group is still touring. I plan to comment back soon. I would love to talk with you sometime. Gotta start my days with my "cup'o'joe"!!:)