Joe Elliott Interview with JD Lewis of CJAY 92

May 7 2013 - 18:39

Joe Elliott recently spoke with JD Lewis of Calgary's CJAY 92 about Def Leppard's show at Stampede Roundup on July 10 with Cheap Trick and Sloan, the Vegas VIVA! Hysteria shows, writing new music, and more! Listen HERE or in the player below


Joey - She Remains Undefeated 05/07/13 2013 10:55:32 PM

It's always nice to hear Joe excited about upcoming shows and he always has such a positive half full!

pjames6 05/10/13 2013 04:53:48 PM

Yes yes yes another great interview with joe. Nice and long!! And I totally agree with joe.....deep fried mars bars are a no-no x