Joe Elliott - Radio Show on Planet Rock (Saturday 19 April)

04/18/2014 - 05:02

This weeks is a Down ’n’ Outz special where Joe answers listener questions and plays various songs from the new album The Further Adventures Of..  as well as other bands including Pistols, Bowie etc..


The Further Adventures Of Down ’n’ Outz is available everywhere 21 & 22 April.


Radio show time is Saturdays at 6pm (GMT) / 1pm (EST) and repeated on Tuesday nights @ 9pm (GMT) / 4pm (EST).

For those in the U.K. tune into Joe's weekly radio show on For those listening outside the U.K. listen live from this site HERE.


iwannarock013 10/14/13 2013 02:59:27 PM

when you planned to visit manila,philippines for your concert def leppard

iwannarock013 10/14/13 2013 03:00:43 PM

when you plann to go to manila for concert def leppard

Cristian Spellins 10/21/13 2013 11:20:34 PM

I think you guys should do a two disc album with one disc having the signature def leppard sound like the hysteria and adrenalize era and the other disc would have a pyromania and high n' dry sound I think that would be awesome because both sounds of the band are extremely popular and it would make for a bad ass album. My opinion of course.I hope you actually take the time to read this comment and take the time to ponder this idea. I think its a good one.

Crippled Plaything 12/14/13 2013 12:59:59 AM

okey , why do you do this to me ? when i cant listen to your show you will play muse ! :( this just breaks my heart lol

grettac 01/11/14 2014 07:11:12 PM

Very cool line-up on your show today. My first time listening and it was great! My local station is 103.5 WIMZ out of Knoxville, Tn., a classic rock station. So from East Tennessee, Rock On Joe Elliott!!

grettac 01/11/14 2014 07:15:29 PM

Just listened via internet to Joe Elliott's show on Planet Rock for the first time. Very cool line-up, it was great! From East Tennessee: Rock On, Joe Elliott!!

Kellie Trentham 03/15/14 2014 12:38:11 PM

Joe I want to tell you thank you for your awesome radio show. Not only do you play wonderful music but it's also a learning experience for me too. I look forward to your show every week. Thank you again! Love, Kellie

Kellie Trentham 04/20/14 2014 08:59:49 PM

Hello Joe, I always enjoy your radio show but this was so awesome because you played alot of the new down n outz songs. Which was so wonderful and your voice on the songs you did was awesome! Thanks so very much for sharing that with all of us. Take care! Kellie