"Good Morning Freedom" (Live from VIVA! Hysteria) FREE DOWNLOAD

Sep 26 2013 - 15:12

"Good Morning Freedom" was performed by DEF LEPPARD under the alias of DED FLATBIRD in the opening set of VIVA! HYSTERIA. "Good Morning Freedom" is taken from the upcoming soundtrack release of DEF LEPPARD's VIVA! Hysteria.
CLICK HERE to watch a video of the song performance on Yahoo!


This free download offer is now over, we hope you enjoyed it!


Kevin Campbell 09/26/13 2013 08:31:51 PM

My favorite Def Leppard song. Cant wait for it to be released. getting the free download now. But Will def buy the cd/bluray.

6Scorpio9 09/27/13 2013 05:22:05 PM

OMG!!! Not played live since 1980??? You've been holding out on us. There's no way your leaving the building without playing this one from now on. ;D. You can shelve let's get rocked for this one.

Redwings1 09/28/13 2013 02:30:40 PM

WOW! Good Morning Freedom. This is an example of why Def Leppard is still around today, they stay true to themselves and to there fans. They have adapted to every geeration from there begining in 1977 to present day. Awesome-Awesome-Awesome!!!!! After seeing them in concert 18 times in 3 different states, i just can't wait till they come back to Michigan.

Redwings1 09/28/13 2013 02:52:48 PM

Wow!! Awesome.... This is why DF has stood the test of time, because of songs like "Good Morning Freedom". DF continues to adapt to every generation from there beginings in the 80's to the younger fans here in the 2000's. There success has a lot to do with being true to themselves and to there fans old and new.