"Pour Some Sugar On Me" Fan Interpretation Video

10/01/2013 - 19:12

Last spring, we asked fans to submit video interpretations of "Pour Some Sugar On Me" to show on the screens of The Joint at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino during VIVA! Hysteria - watch the compilation video below!



Amanda Mandy 10/04/13 2013 03:59:36 AM

Brazilian greetings! I'm from Rio de Janeiro, this wonderful city ;) I liked the videos were very creative! But really liked the woman playing the guy literally sugar! lol I appreciate the opportunity ;)

sbpstudios 10/04/13 2013 02:29:44 PM

Our video clips can be seen at :39, 1:31, & 3:40. We made that video just 8 days after "Hysteria" was released back in 1987. Who knew 25 years later that we would become backdrop video for the band as they played live. LOL awesome! I would drop our 5 seconds of fame in a heartbeat if I could meet the band though.