VIVA! Hysteria CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Out NOW!

Oct 22 2013 - 14:06

VIVA! Hysteria - Live at the Joint, Las Vegas is NOW AVAILABLE on CD, Blu-ray Disc, DVD Video, and Digital Download! 

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6Scorpio9 10/23/13 2013 01:48:55 AM

Currently enjoying my BlueRay copy!!! Joe sounds amazing. They've definitely gotten better with time and they certainly look hotter. I love that Viv comes through as having so much fun and was being very friendly with the crowd. Thanks for all your best everyone. ;)

Tami Stockton 10/24/13 2013 01:21:10 PM

Bought it, Watched it, but saying I Loved it would be an understatement, you guys looked and sounded great.

Betty Green Hansen 10/24/13 2013 11:00:34 PM

I have so totally enjoyed watching my Def Leppard VIVA! Hysteria DVD! The audio and video is of the highest quality. I have never experienced a concert like this in my home, and it superbly recreates the experience of being at the shows in Las Vegas! Thank you for another chance to re-live the magic of your live performances. Def Leppard is The Best!!!

magxl200 10/25/13 2013 12:58:46 AM

I was watching the Blu-Ray and noticed, especially during the Hysteria set, the sound was way off. My friend noticed it as well on his Blu-Ray. Other than that it's incredible - awesome picture and sounds phenomenal even with the syncing issue. It was like I was back in Vegas.