Joe Elliott with Kings of Chaos Paraguay

Dec 2 2013 - 21:13


Joe Elliott and the Kings of Chaos played Paraguay and Mexico last week!

Watch a video of Joe singing David Bowie's "Heroes" below


pjames6 12/03/13 2013 07:48:12 AM

been watching kings of chaos with our joe singing heroes on youtube. been waiting for you to put it on the leppard site so i could comment. WOW!!!! aren't they sounding good?!! joe's vocals on this song send shivers up my spine every time i hear it and i can assure you that's been a few times lol. just lovin' this band xx

6Scorpio9 12/05/13 2013 04:18:02 AM

Way to go Joe! Lookin great and soundin fabulous. Love to see you livin and lovin life, thanks for lettin us come along. Fantastic project! Hope you guys bring it to the states. Always with you, xoxo. ;). BTW, glad the comments were finally posted. Not a fan of using large social media for that. Thx