Where Does Love Go When It Dies - Lyric Video

02/24/2014 - 18:11

Watch the official lyric video to a song that Joe considers "a lost Def Leppard classic"…"I still consider it one of the best lyrics I've written."   Watch it now on:


Kellie Trentham 02/20/14 2014 10:31:02 PM

Joe you are so right it's a beautiful song, And there's alot of people who can relate to it too.

pjames6 02/26/14 2014 09:15:07 PM

I absolutely love this song and always have. Very meaningful lyrics that we can all relate to. Loved slang first time around and lovin' it even more this second time. Can't wait for a new album x

betty1betty2 02/27/14 2014 10:36:13 PM

simply an achingly beautiful and lyrical song. the harmonies on the chorus are haunting. Def Leppard proved, once again, that they have the ability to write and perform meaningful music. i believe this song is very under-appreciated by the masses. so glad you decided to include it in your acoustic set for the Rock of Ages Tour as well as perform it as part of such for the VIP VIVA! Hysteria fans in Las Vegas. Thank you Joe Elliott!

CRISTINACHIESA 03/02/14 2014 10:03:17 PM

Hoy ésta canción me representa. Muchas gracias!

Jodi Mock Wolfe 03/03/14 2014 11:20:49 PM

TOTAL classic!!!!!!! (From my fave album!)

iash74 03/06/14 2014 11:04:38 AM

simply a great song, and in my book, one of the best song titles in the def leopard catalogue.

iash74 03/06/14 2014 11:18:18 AM

one of the best song titles def lep has. great song

runriot1987 03/11/14 2014 06:22:21 PM

Beautiful song. <3

Karen Shappard 03/12/14 2014 01:17:50 AM

I love this song! I love any Leppard song, but I agree with Joe best,yet!

Karen Shappard 03/12/14 2014 01:20:58 AM

I love this song! What beautiful lyrics!

ImmortalVelox 03/17/14 2014 02:14:38 PM

Love this song so much! ❤️

monymony 03/18/14 2014 01:33:09 AM

I have loved this song since the original SLANG album came out. I agree that this song and the ENTIRE album never got the airplay or respect it deserved. You guys have rocked for years! I listened to "X" so much when it came out, that I had to buy another CD because it was so scratched up from being in my car. I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I ALWAYS WILL! See you on tour with KISS.. it will be my 13th Def Leppard Concert!

Clinton P. Desveaux 03/20/14 2014 06:03:11 PM

When Joe says, "one of the best lyrics I've written" he is wrong, it is THE best lyric he has written, and also the most honest lyric he has written.