DEF LEPPARD & KISS - Summer Tour Press Conference - New Photos Added

03/26/2014 - 03:13

Check out these exlcusive photos from the recent summer tour press conference with KISS. Photo credit: Helen Collen.  See all photos HERE



Rocket_Women 03/27/14 2014 09:32:33 PM

I am so excited to see these guys play this summer. These are two of my favorite bands what a treat for us all.

Awfullycutelal 03/28/14 2014 08:50:37 PM

I am so excited for these guys to come to the NW. Looking forward to a Rockin Show in Ridgefield!

Hopefully will get to meet them...would be cool if you could just buy a meet a greet by itself!

Let's get rocked!

Ronny Miller 03/30/14 2014 07:05:14 AM

wish you guys were coming to the Gulf Coast!