Remembering Steve Clark

04/23/2014 - 12:49

On this day 23 April in 1960, Def Leppard co-founding guitarist Steve Clark was born in Sheffield (UK). Steve would have been 54 today.  Gone but never forgotten!


"This tribute video to Steve took me back to the days when he was THE rock star, he owned the stage. I was lucky to have known him, worked with him, but most of all we were great friends and I was proud to be taking care of his guitars. He was a diamond character, I will always remember him for the unabashed respect/love of life we shared. We all miss you pal” - Malvin Mortimer (Friend & Tour Manager)



Delicia 04/23/14 2014 04:24:37 PM

Happy birthday, Steve! You are missed.

4everDefLepfan 04/23/14 2014 09:45:45 PM

Happy Birthday Steve. You are missed. R.I.P.

ignatius 04/24/14 2014 12:45:55 PM

Long Life Steamin'!

6Scorpio9 04/25/14 2014 02:25:33 AM

Cheers on your birthday!!! Thank you for helping put Def Leppard on the map. You are an amazing legacy. You will forever be missed and never forgotten.

Pamela Riley 05/02/14 2014 10:26:31 PM

Rip Steamin Steve you were such a very talented guitarist and you went way too soon. You are very missed!!!