Joe Elliott – Facebook Fan Q&A – Answers Part 3

08/13/2014 - 01:59

“Now, right now” listen to the final installment of Joe Elliott's Fan Q&A part 3.   Thanks again to everyone who submitted questions.  For those who’s questions were not answered their “will be a next time” for another Q&A soon! 








6Scorpio9 08/11/14 2014 05:27:20 AM

I really liked the Q and A's in session three and I really appreciate the sound quality. Oh, but he made my mouth water talking about his new louder lager. I sure would like to have a cold tall one of those. Yes, I'm a lady that enjoys a good lager now and then. Pity the Down n' Outz brand is elusive to the states. Gotta definitely make it happen someday, Joe. Cheers!

Kellie Trentham 08/13/14 2014 12:03:04 PM

I'm sure it was really good I wasn't able to get it to work for me but it's ok I know it's on my end. I don't know if the guys would get this or read this, But I wanted them to know that you guys are so awesome in what you do you guys are amazing songwriters. Not only you make wonderful music but also lyrics that people can really relate to in their own lives. A person may think I know exactly how that feels and I have felt that way or that they still feels that way. I would like to thank all you guys for all the things you guys do for all all us fans. I'm speaking for my own life when I can't sleep at night unless I have def leppard playing. Haha Thanks for me great music guys!