Phil Collen – Guitar Blog #8 - Jackson PC-1 (London 57)

Aug 25 2014 - 19:37

Jackson PC-1 (London 57) - See photos HERE

This guitar was a surprise gift for my 50th birthday, orchestrated by Scott Appleton and kept quiet by Jackson Guitars. Unfortunately, its production was held up so it appeared on my 51st birthday. Scott had done the initial artwork which states my birthplace and date in old English font (for anyone who wondered what those markings meant on the guitar). It was further enhanced by our lovely wardrobe and dressing room coordinator Lesley Mortimer-Wallace when she blinged and bejeweled my guitar out in the same Swarovski crystals she used on my microphone stand that you can see in one of these photos below. 


London 57 has had much love from me and is one of my 'go to' guitars i.e. tv appearances, The Voice & other event performances, and recording sessions. It's faithful and sounds killer. London 57 is a classic Jackson PC-1 with a mahogany body with a maple top. It has a slightly larger than standard maple neck and fingerboard. It's fitted with a Floyd Rose trem with FU-Tone titanium saddles and block, a Dimarzio super 3 in the bridge position, an HS-2 in the middle and the Jackson driver/sustainer in the neck position. It's strung with D'Addario 13-54 gauge strings. I play this guitar on the electric part of 'Bringing on The Heartbreak' and 'Switch 625' on this tour.

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