Leppardmaniac 11/04/12 2012 12:05:58 PM

Front row for this concert in St Louis from 2 years ago

Angela Mayfield 11/16/12 2012 01:57:37 AM

omg that is an awesome pic of SAV!!!! look at that crazy Hair!!! just saw them this past aug here in st louis AMAZZZZZIINNG!!!!!

Audrey de Hoyos 02/07/13 2013 02:38:51 AM


Audrey de Hoyos 03/04/13 2013 01:41:15 AM

dear jamon and cuddly sav phil rick allen thank you so much for everything I am feeling much better I am going to eventually write what I went through with help as a fairy tale...I am slowly packing my things at the condominium fox meadows and university of florida doctors have not left me omg were would have been jamon timon or pumba and simba ( lion kings) if I hadn't gone to Lakeland florida in 89.. and a few shows and then disney and shands at uf.. I think I would have had the same fate as jack my brother rip 88 they all have at uf still at my side even department of children and family services the kids are shedfield the mountains in the princess diaries of the movie...and I have my piggy bank from there. from 66.thank you handsome men not pretty boys with beautiful spouses and healthy and your lovely children.....just have the residual of a bad heart from the wrong kind of pharmacueticals from the past and a broken heart that healing...THANK YOU! may the CREATOR ALWAYS BLESS YOU ALL...MAYBE WE CAN MEET AGAIN SOON.