tmoody 06/22/11 2011 12:37:48 AM

So Cool!!!!! can't wait till 6/22/11 & 6/24/11

AndyBirchenough78 06/22/11 2011 05:04:26 PM

the lepps are still rocking, please come back and do a full uk tour later on in the year....

Also any chance you could do a return to Don Valley next summer because the one in 1993 was so special, it would be great to see you there again.

lady_amorphis 06/22/11 2011 05:30:24 PM

It`s magnificent video,guys! ))) With love from Russia :)) /Marisha/

DefLeppardManiac1987 06/22/11 2011 11:09:20 PM

wow really awesome video. Cant wait to see you guys at darien lake in august. See ya'll their!!!

Lepplady 06/23/11 2011 02:19:40 AM

That's what I'm talking about!

alphamoore401 06/23/11 2011 05:37:23 PM

Great Job

Dana Rosner 06/23/11 2011 05:47:26 PM

I'm hanging in there.. with 77 days to go, I'm so ready! I love this new O.S., this info/news page is great :)

tmoody 06/26/11 2011 01:30:22 PM

way cool!! seen them on the June 22 and June 24, here in NC.

Jennifer 07/10/11 2011 07:11:18 AM

This is definately a great song, and this video just makes it even better! Between the sound and the beautiful stage lighting, this is fast becoming one of my latest favorites!