DefLeppardManiac1987 08/25/11 2011 04:38:13 AM

Love this video! Loved to see them do it live, it was amazing.

passionfeast 08/03/12 2012 06:05:38 AM

Um, er, what was I gonna say? Oh yeah, it's hard to think after looking at the singer with the sexiest legs in rock , They did this live in Clarkston, MI on July 7th, and man, did it rock the house! (and yes, his legs are still sexy!)
Thanks guys for such great music!

Def Lep. Torie 11/24/12 2012 08:12:31 AM

I like this song and video, I think it's cool. Especially Joe, he really rocks in this video and very, very sexy too.

Sellerie Schubser 01/26/13 2013 09:18:06 PM

Die GEMA hat dieses Video blockiert... Vielen Dank auch :-(

raernst11 02/27/13 2013 05:45:45 PM

This is the first DL video I ever saw, I was a preschooler back then...still probably my favorite video from them! :)