Lepplady 06/23/11 2011 02:59:43 AM

Wow! This aired May 7th, 1989, the day my youngest son was born. He's now deployed overseas with the US armed forces, defending our right to rock. :-)

DefLeppardManiac1987 08/17/11 2011 02:04:46 AM

This was really cool! I am seeing them on Sunday at Darien Lake and it will be my first time seeing them and hopefully not my last I cant wait!

katie65 11/15/11 2011 02:42:53 AM

Great interview. Always nice to hear from everyone.

passionfeast 08/15/12 2012 08:24:30 PM

oooooooooooooo where is the rest of the interview????
More More More, PLEASE!