Jennifer 07/14/11 2011 05:54:08 AM

Great video and cd! One of my son's favorites; thanks!

Leapyear64 07/31/11 2011 01:41:50 AM

I enjoyed that song. You guys can play and sing anything.

Julesheart 08/02/11 2011 05:08:08 AM

I Love the Badfinger and David Essex! Reminds me of years ago. You guys keep doing what you do best...we all love ya!!!


-1deflepfan- 08/07/11 2011 10:14:38 PM

this vid kicks major the behind the scences

aleksandra 03/23/12 2012 12:17:08 AM

love it :)

Def Lep. Torie 04/25/12 2012 07:27:29 AM

This song very good, I like the way Joe looks in it. You have very pretty eyes.

CZevola 06/06/12 2012 02:21:07 AM

Love this song, awesome video!!! Please please come to Edmonton, Alberta Canada!!!

passionfeast 07/17/12 2012 06:05:24 AM

I do SO love the fact that Joe and the guys all sing unashamedly with their Sheffield accents; so many British bands use American accents for their music, it's wonderful to hear Leppard as a refreshing change. Like our Bad Boys from Boston (Aerosmith) that sing with their thick Boston accents, it's nice to not have to pause to wonder who the heck is singing... you know Elliott or Tyler the minute they start singing in their own distinctive way. Keep it up guys; we love ya just the way you are! (still jazzed from your Detroit gig on the 7th)

Karen Chaffin 03/09/14 2014 01:34:24 AM

My fav!