Shot in Dublin, Ireland on June 8, 2011 on the Mirror Ball tour.  Produced & directed by Alias Designs Ltd (


Linda Folgers 07/27/11 2011 08:23:37 PM

Thanks for sharing. Went to Summerfest in Wisconsin and it was awesome. Remember, Don't forget us and we won't forget you. :)

Stacey Stephens Lenington 07/27/11 2011 09:45:14 PM

Love The videos, And Love You Guys!!!
For the ones that can'r make any shows this year (like me), these videos really mean a lot, Thanks for posting them!!

tmsantee1 07/27/11 2011 11:02:22 PM

Love the videos you guys post. I can't wait until August 21st to come see you guys. Hope all is well with the band and Joe I hope he and his family are doing well also. Rock on and see you in Darien Center, NY August 21st! <3

Pamela Woodruff Hall 07/27/11 2011 11:20:50 PM

Great video! Can't wait until August 3rd!!

Angie Brown 07/28/11 2011 01:06:44 AM

Cool video, can't wait to see it played live tomarrow! You've gone straigt to my head................................................
Luv it, luv it! ;)

Angie Brown 07/28/11 2011 01:11:17 AM

OMG, I just got a really good chuckle from this video on the part where Joe is looking into the camera, it froze and the little spinning circle thing that lets you know the computer is working landed right on his nose, right at the right moment. It looked like he had a bug on his nose and was wide eyed looking at it. Too funny.

Angie Brown 07/28/11 2011 01:25:56 AM

OH, and that should be straight to my head, see, it's gone straight to my head, now I can't spell. Ok, and so that's what Joe does when he slips off back stage? Hee. Nice dancing twinkle toes!

dan 07/28/11 2011 02:25:08 AM

do you know if sav is leaving the band because its all over google uk

Dana Rosner 07/28/11 2011 04:17:53 AM

I'm eagerly waiting for Sept. 7th in Universal City. In fact, I can't wait!! Thank you so much for posting your video, it makes me look forward to it all the more!. Love all of you, and keep on rockin'. XO

Dermot O'Rourke 07/28/11 2011 07:18:20 AM

Was at this gig and you guys rocked! Rocket was also a highlight. Keep on rockin guys!

Leapyear64 07/28/11 2011 04:58:07 PM

Love it! Glad I got to see it live on June 29th in Scranton.You guys are awesome. Keep up the great work and good luck n the rest of your tour.

MrsLaurenElliott 07/28/11 2011 08:34:18 PM

I was there!! Such a fantastic gig. The best day of my life, honestly. You can see me and my Dad at some stage here. Woohoo.

Roy Williams 07/29/11 2011 01:01:25 AM

Looks like Pour Some Sugar On Me/Armageddon It for 2011. I like it, looks great.

Roy Williams 07/29/11 2011 01:01:26 AM

Looks like Pour Some Sugar On Me/Armageddon It for 2011. I like it, looks great.