Roxanna Baker Thedford 03/13/13 2013 08:36:23 AM

I love this song, I love the rhythm, I love the innuendo. This is one of the best examples of Def Leppard's genius at song writing. I remember reading or watching an interview with the guys when this song came out. The question was asked if this song was about sex, to which someone, I think Phil, said no, its about dealing with languages. My memory comes from thinking, "you have got to kidding me, of course its about sex, HOW is it NOT about sex!?" Years later, new interviewer, discussion of songs, inspirations and the like, and that time there was a very smug grin, a cocky "well what do you think, of course it is" type answer and then a quick subject change. LMAO!!! Too funny ;~)

Anyway, love this album as a whole, some fans didn't. I was especially moved by "Blood Runs Cold". My first tat will say "living is the best revenge you can play", courtesy of Sav, who said it long before the song ever made it to an album. Its the motto I live by.