Phil Collen’s Delta Deep Releases New Video “Black Coffee”

Delta Deep are getting ready to follow up its self-titled debut with East Coast Live, a chronicle of their 2016 tour — and fans can get an exclusive early peek at the CD/DVD package right here.

As guitarist Phil Collen explains in a press release, the album was recorded during one stop on the band’s itinerary — one that happened to land on Daryl Hall’s property. The result was a set that captured a moment now preserved for audiovisual posterity.

“We recorded every night of our 2016 tours, east and west coast, expecting to pull out the best performances from different cities. But we managed to capture one of those special, magical nights where all the stars fall into place in Pawling, N.Y., at Daryl’s House. This whole album was recorded that night. It was so relaxed but we were so on fire at the same,” says Collen. “The intention was never to have a DVD addition to the cd but seeing the performances live and the fact that Daryl’s House also video records its shows was an added bonus for us.”

Available everywhere 1/26

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