Stories from the road

Stories on the road, from Joe!
“On May 31st for our day off in Toronto, my friend Emm Gryner’s trio Trent Severn played a gig 500 yds from our hotel so me, Sav, Viv & a few crew guys (along with one time Lennon/Bowie/Hunter/ NYD guitarist Earl Slick) went to see their show & what a wonderful show it was… the next night as they had another gig & we had one too we decided that at 9pm on the dot we’d do the pre gig “cheers” together, us backstage at the Roger Centre, Trent Severn at their gig… “Bonus points for video” says Emm, so at 8:56pm we cheated so we could get ours in first! Their video came in at 9:07.. which by my reckoning put them on stage late… but at least they are ladies of their word… check ‘em out !!!” – Joe Elliott