Def Leppard launch new Pour Some Sugar On Me lyric video

As Def Leppard gear up for the release of the first in a series of career-spanning box sets, a new lyric video for Pour Some Sugar On Me finds its way to the internet

With the release of Volume One – the first in a series of career-spanning box sets –little more than a month away, Def Leppard have released a previously unseen lyric video for their 1988 hit Pour Some Sugar On Me. Originally released on the previous year’s Hysteria album, it was the song that sent the album from a mere three million sales to the chart-topping, record-shattering, diamond disc behemoth we’re familiar with today.

“The song became a hit because strippers in Florida started requesting it on the local radio station,” Phil Collen told us in 2016. “It had a second lease of life. Hysteria was all over bar the shouting, and then all of a sudden this song just got popular, and then the album went to Number One. It’s really funny how it suddenly became cool because it was a stripping song.”

Read the full story on Classic Rock Magazine HERE & watch the new video below.

Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard on VEVO.