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Pete Way, UFO bass guitarist, was one of rock’s most admired and celebrated performers as well as a big influence on Joe, Phil and Sav.

Halfin and Rufus Publications are pleased are pleased to announce the publication of Pete Way by Ross Halfin, a 320-page celebration of UFO’s iconic bass player, containing classic and unseen images by music photographer Ross Halfin, and exclusive new interviews and with Joe Elliott, Rick Savage, Phil Collen, Phil Mogg – Andy Parker – Neil Carter – Ozzy Osbourne – Geddy Lee, Slash, Steve Harris, Rick Neilsen, Michael Schenker, Phil Lewis, Gerry Laffy and more, compiled by Mojo writer and author Mark Blake.

Pete Way, UFO’s bass guitarist, was one of rock’s most admired and celebrated performers. The co-writer of some of the band’s greatest songs, including Lights Out, Only You Can Rock Me and Too Hot To Handle, Way’s powerful playing and dynamic stage act captured the imagination of UFO audiences worldwide. Up until his death in August 2020, Way’s energy and style had made him an unforgettable rock star and an inspiration to both his contemporaries and future generations of musicians.

Joe to Host Planet Rock Radio AC/DC Back In Black special (This Sunday at 7pm (BST) & Thursday 6pm (BST))

Joe will host a 1 hour Back In Black radio special this Sunday at 7pm (BST) & Thursday 6pm (BST)) on Planet Rock radio.

Special dedicated to ACDC’s Back In Black – which turns the big 4-0 today. Featuring by Brian Johnson and Angus Young, it’s going to be an unforgettable celebration. Don’t miss out!

UK listeners only though unless anyone has a VPN.  Listen HERE


RIP Pete Way

“I’m heartbroken at the news of the passing of our old friend Pete Way especially coming so close to that of Paul Raymond & Paul Chapman .. I’d known Pete since 1980 when I went to see UFO & Girl play together at the Sheffield City Hall & we were mates ever since… we’ve played together, laughed & cried together, done naughty things together but beyond all of that he was a genuinely great guy, a complete lunatic, but a totally lovable character, a proper rock star who burned to candle way beyond both ends but certainly brightened the lives a of a lot of people along the way. Rest in peace my friend….” – Joe Elliott


Greetings music lovers and welcome to Joe Elliott’s Song from the Vault show on SiriusXM’s Deep Tracks channel.

July 2020 hour’s show Joe bangs out and highlights and tell’s stories about some of his favourite songs and artists from my own personal collection.

July Show features music and stories from Thin Lizzy, FREE, SLADE, JET, Alice Cooper and Slash amongst others..

WHO: Def Leppard frontman, musician, and musicologist Joe Elliott

WHAT: Joe Elliott’s Songs from the Vault

WHERE: SiriusXM’s DeepTracks (Ch. 27)

WHEN: Show Schedule HERE

In his youth, Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott was creatively influenced by the music of the late 60’s and early 70’s. From legendary acts like T. Rex, Mott The Hoople, David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust and so many others. Each month, listen to Elliott play “Deep Tracks” from his personal music collection. Expect to hear songs from Joe’s vault and some of the stories behind them. You can also see Def Leppard on tour this summer. Promising to be the Tour of the Year, two of the world’s greatest rock bands – Def Leppard and Journey- are teaming up for a massive co-headlining North American tour composed of both stadium and arena concerts, and will feature complete sets and all-new production from both bands, and an arsenal of their greatest hits.

A full list of tour dates can be found HERE

Always Outlaw Films Presents: Joe Elliott – This Is How I Roll Pt 1 & 2

Always Outlaw Films Presents: Joe Elliott Part 1 & 2 Pt 1 & 2 of Outlaw interview with Joe for a chat about the first song he ever wrote and his unwavering passion for music.

“I wasn’t born to be the best but I was born to do this”

“There was nothing else to do in Sheffield except work in a factory or become a bank robber or something or join a band and that one seemed way more appealing to me”

Film: Phil Wallis

Outlaw is about stories. It’s a lifetime’s journey enjoying rock ‘n’ roll. And these rock bands that we love, well, they’re our modern day pirates, dandies and highwaymen sent to quicken our pulses and push our imaginations into overdrive. They live outside our normal rules and we in turn live vicariously through them as we view their world. So let’s raise a glass to the stories that make us smile, and the ones that we are yet to hear and to the journeys just begun and the people we will meet along the way…. join us in an Outlaw brotherhood.  More info HERE

‘Monsters of Rock’ – The History of Donington

Def Leppard are featured in the publication of the official MONSTERS OF ROCK visual history, Volume 1 of a two part series celebrating the legendary Monsters of Rock Festival and Download.

Order now each personally signed by Joe Elliott and more info HERE

Written by rock writer and journalist John Tucker, this epic book takes us on a journey from the very first Monsters of Rock in 1980 to the last event in 1996. Measuring 300mm square and featuring hundreds of pages covering each year of the festival with interviews, information, set lists and many never before seen photographs from the archives of rock’s greatest photographers.