A Def Leppard Valentine’s!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Def Leppard! ❤️

Have a very Leppard Valentine’s with these Valentine’s cards for you and your loved ones!

Crank up the love tunes with the official Def Leppard Love Bites playlist – including fan-picked Leppard love songs!

Which is your favorite?

Rick Allen’s Curated Collection: From Hits Vegas Live 2020 🌟

Just Released – Rick Allen’s Curated Collection: From Hits Vegas Live 2020 🌟

Rick Allen’s personally curated Thematic Artist Collection is now live – featuring Die Hard The Hunter, Paper Sun, Billy’s Got A Gun – and more! 🥁

Click HERE to crank it up TODAY 🎧

Introducing: Thematic Artist Collections with Joe’s Curated “Electric Warriors”

Rock rock, ’til you drop!

Introducing: Def Leppard Thematic Artist Collections – a weekly series of playlists personally curated by Joe, Rick, Sav, Phil, and Viv 🤘 The compilations are launching across platforms today and continuing every Friday through April 9. Stay tuned for a very special playlist courtesy of Rick Allen next week.

Kicking off the series – the hyper-charged ⚡️“Electric Warriors”⚡️, assembled by Joe. This Collection includes Gotcha Rocks Off, Desert Song, Paper Sun, and more! ▶️Click HERE to listen.

Steve Clark Trunk and Photo Prints – Leppard Vault

Last week, Steve Clark’s Trunk Collection opened on the Def Leppard Vault – including useful items, favorite collections, photos, and sentimental objects.

Head to LeppardVault.com to explore the photos, artifacts, and stories in the STEVE CLARK COLLECTION 🤘

Celebrate Steve Clark’s legacy with three photo prints from the Leppard Vault – available for purchase exclusively in the Vault for a limited time until this Friday February 5th.