Celebrating Andie Airfix

On this day in 1946, Andie Airfix was born. Celebrating his life, his work, and his art with his Def Leppard designs- including the album covers for Hysteria, Pyromania, and Adrenalize. 🔥

Check out Andie’s original designs from the Def Leppard vault, courtesy of AndieAirfix.com Collection:

📸:@andieairfix, #andieairfix, satorigraphic.co.uk

Phil Chats About Pyromania with Music Aficionado

“I always feel it’s weird when people ask, “Are you faithful to rock and roll?” and all that. I go, “No—I’m faithful to my art.” That takes precedence over everything else. Do it any which way, and by whatever means necessary. And Mutt was kind of my introduction to that sort of supreme artistic approach to music.”

Phil chats with Music Aficionado about the making of the Pyromania album. Read more here.