Phil Collen on Comedy Jam, ET & Fox

Tune in to Comedy Central’s new show Comedy Jam tomorrow, April 19 at 10p ET! Phil will be making a special appearance on the episode along with Taryn Manning, Sebastian Bach and more.  Check out a clip of the show on Entertainment Tonight HERE. For more info on the show and episodes visit Comedy Central.

Phil also appeared on Fox News last night before the show in Grand Rapids! Check out the full interview HERE


Phil Collen Q&A with All Access

Phil recently sat down with Jim Villanueva of All Access for an extended Q&A about the upcoming tour with Poison & Tesla!  From his ringtone to his first concert, Phil tells all HERE.


Phil Chats About Pyromania with Music Aficionado

“I always feel it’s weird when people ask, “Are you faithful to rock and roll?” and all that. I go, “No—I’m faithful to my art.” That takes precedence over everything else. Do it any which way, and by whatever means necessary. And Mutt was kind of my introduction to that sort of supreme artistic approach to music.”

Phil chats with Music Aficionado about the making of the Pyromania album. Read more here.


“And There Will Be A Next Time” Band & Crew Interviews

The new #1 DVD “And There Will Be A Next Time… Live From Detroit” available everywhere now HERE

Check out these exclusive behind the scenes interviews from the 2016 tour with Joe, Phil, and a few members of the Def Leppard team.